What place has the cheapest tyres?

Keeping Track


It’s staggering how many motorists are whizzing here, there and everywhere with bald tyres!

Tyred & Worn
Tyres grip your vehicle to the road, so if there’s no track left – what’s holding you down –
substandard tyres!!
So when people wonder; “is it ok to drive on bald tyres?” no it’s not.
One of the greatest dangers is during wet weather you can aquaplane on the road and lose complete control of your vehicle. That’s obviously deadly to yourself, your passengers and anyone else nearby in other cars or pedestrians
So how often should tyres be replaced?
From brand new, then after five years they need to be checked – the tread needs to be deep enough meaning they still have grip.
If you’re tyres are 10 years old, then forget about it. Get new tyres.
They don’t have to be brand new, of course. They can be used tyres that are still in tremendous shape.
All Tyred Up is The Scrappers sister company, specialising in – you’ve got it –TYRES!
And they stock loads of quality tyres that are in great condition and very cheap.
That’s because they will have come from vehicles that are new or they were tyres put onto a vehicle shortly prior to it having to be scrapped or sold for some reason or other.
So those tyres will be in great shape and able to keep another car on the road, safely and for a bargain price.
Alternatively, you may want to buy brand new tyres in Bolton instead of buying part-worn tyres in Bolton. You’re probably wondering what is the best budget tyre brand, well the All Tyred Up team can help you on the best budget tyres for your vehicle.
You may also wonder ‘how much does it cost to get tyres fitted?’
All Tyred Up do fittings from only £5!!! How crazy cheap is that???
And they offer FREE pressure checks – is this a charity or a business you’re probably thinking!!!
Scrappy happy dooooo!
You certainly get the best prices around for tyres and that’s not all. They also provide a number of other car maintenance services from battery fittings to FREE exhaust checks plus exhaust  supply and fittings should you need a cheap replacement exhaust in Bolton.
All Tyred Up welcome both the public and trade, so please come on down and say hi to the friendly team at a socially acceptable distance. They can’t wait to see you.
For any other vehicle needs, it’s over to The Scrappers.
If it’s for quality used car parts give them a shout – they have literally thousands of parts in stock at great prices. No part is too big or too small. You can even search their database online and if you can’t find what you’re looking for then speak to a team member.
They will buy your scrap car or van for the best price and pay the money directly in your bank account. You’ll get a certificate of destruction too – proof your car has been dealt with by a reputable salvage yard.
So why not drop the The Scrappers a line today. Call them on 01204 388488.
And don’t forget, who you gonna call for tyres? All Tyred UP – that’s who!!! 01204 388488.