What is the fastest way to sell my car?

Keep Calm & Car-ry On!

There’s nothing worse than getting up early in the morning when it’s still dark and cold and your car won’t turn over. 

The Scrappers team picking up a scrap car in Bolton

Is it time to part with your old car?

You might as well have stayed in bed, pal!

It could be a variety of reasons she won’t fire up, but often it can be battery related.

Your lights, radio and dashboard all flicker on, but the battery isn’t giving you jack.

That’s because lights and radio require a lot less power than the starter needs.

So your battery might be capable of switching them on, but you do not have enough power to start your engine.

If that’s the case it’s time to give it a decent charge, or get a replacement battery.

It’ll probably cross your mind to go to a car parts retailer and buy a brand new battery but that can easily cost over £100.

A far cheaper option is buying a used car battery that’s in perfectly good working order. Batteries which are sometimes almost practically new in fact.. and paying a lot less!


The Scrappers – Metro Salvage see thousands of late models come through their Bolton gates with perfectly good batteries in great working order.

So what’s wrong with the cars these batteries are in you might wonder..

Well they are often write-offs, mainly from accidents. The majority of the car might be knackered from an impact. Or it was simply too expensive to fix and becomes a write off instead.

If that’s the case, there will be parts of the car or the van, that are still in fantastic working order. Just not in that particular car anymore.

So you see, that’s why the Scrappers have access to so many bargain car batteries that work as good as new. And that’s because they are as good as new!

So if you’re looking for a replacement car battery Bolton, or a cheap car battery Bolton, call The Scrappers. If you’re searching for a cheap car battery near me – then call on the Scrappers. or their sister company All Tyred Up. They can replace your current car battery with a better one and save you money.


Oh, and you don’t have to live in Bolton or near Bolton either. You can order your replacement battery from The Scrappers as mail order too.

Orders are usually dispatched on the same day of purchase.

They don’t just do replacement car batteries either, you can buy all kinds of replacement car parts.

You may need a replacement car engine Bolton or a replacement gearbox, wherever you’re based nationwide. You may be after a replacement front bumper or a replacement rear bumper. Perhaps your steering wheel is a bit tatty and it’s time for a replacement steering wheel.

Or you’ve cracked a rear light on a car, say a BMW, and you need a replacement BMW 5 series rear light, for example. You can either search for a particular part on their website or contact the friendly team on 01204388488.

And if you want to scrap a car then you know who to call. Top rate prices are always paid.

Your car doesn’t have to be at the end of its days to sell to the Scrappers. The Scrappers are always on the lookout for runners too – paying top notch prices for them too.

Why not go online and see how much you could sell your car for with their simple and fast online vehicle valuation calculator. You’ll get a no obligation quote in minutes! So go on, call the Scrappers for used car parts.  If you’re thinking, “how can I sell my car easily?” or “what is the fastest way to sell my car?” Call 01204388488 now.

You’ll never feel flat with The Scrappers!