What Is The Best Website For Car Parts?

Hopefully the pace of normal life is picking up again since coronavirus ground everything to a halt.ย 
We’ve had to make adjustments like every business has, we’ve saw online sales rise while our breakers yard in Bolton has had to limit operations in person.
The Scrappers understand that people need to stay on the roadย and we can play our part in ensuring that happens with our vast used car parts depot.
“Since the coronavirus outbreak sales have shifted more online which means we can still keep people on the road thanks to our online used car parts store,” says Terry Walker The Scrappers founder.
“You can go on to our website and see all our stock and you can actually order on the website and the part will be delivered to you usually the next day by a courier.
“We are also social distancing in the scrap yard.”
If you’re looking for a particular part, just search our thousands of quality used car parts or fill out our parts request form here.

Check this picture out, who says you can have art in a scrapyard.ย 

The art of scrap
It’s a picture of catalytic convertors, but doesn’t it look like something you’d find in the Tate Modern?!
We recently wrote about how we’ve stripped enough copper wiring out of cars in the past ten years that it could wrap around the world four and a half times!!
Moments after posting the news, Terry was contacted by a firm in Doncaster wanting to buy some copper from us.
So the copper was taken to the firm in South Yorkshire where was granulised.
It got ground into millions of pieces and then it’ll go into another machine which will filter it down to pure copper.
In other news we picked up a transit van in Warrington. Sold the engine on to a man in Barcelona.
We also picked up a Fiat de Carga in Preston and sold that engine to our contact in Barcelona too.
Usually when we are exporting engines we will get approximately 100 engines together, we will send a lorry in and load it. And they will go to our man in Barcelona.
“We have been dealing with him for over 12 months now and I’ve only ever met him once in person,” says Terry.
“But he’s happy, we’re happy and so are hundreds motorists too.
“When they engines have gone we do the breaking for other parts and then after that it’s the scrap, the big scrap pile you see in our yard ready for the ripping and gripping,” explains Terry.
“It’s usually takes about four to six weeks for us to get 100 engines ready for Barcelona.”
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Check out these mugs… and the mugs on these mugs!
The Scrappers Ltd are hoping to raise ยฃ1000 for the Royal Bolton Special Care Baby Unit.

Our staff have have had mugs made with cartoon characters of themselves decorating the sturdy cups.

Don’t be a mug, please donate & get a mug!
You can donate any amount (minimum ยฃ3) by making a payment at our yard or via PayPal and a mug will be sent out to you.
When we reach our ยฃ1000 target, Terry will be presenting the ward matron with a cheque.
Don’t forget if you need vehicle parts or want to scrap a car or sell a car contact us today! 01204388488. You may be thinking, “what is the best website for car parts?” well guess what… you’re here!