We offer a free scrap metal pick up service

Along with earning the best prices for your unwanted scrap metal, The Scrappers also offer a free scrap metal pick up service.

So, if you are a business that has got scrap metal piling up on your premises and need to get rid of it and earn the best price possible, then The Scrappers team should be contacted for a quote and they can arrange a free pick up.

The team is interested in ferrous and non-ferrous metals and can arrange a pick up today, if required.

If not, then the team can arrange for the pick up to occur at a time to suit you.

Consequently, you or your business will be paid directly when the pick-up takes place.

Buy scrap metal in any condition

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If you need a free scrap metal pick up service because you have lots of scrap to get rid of, The Scrappers want to hear from you.

It helps that The Scrappers are among the scrap metal industry’s leaders and will buy scrap metal in any condition.

For those who want a free pick up, you need to appreciate that the price per tonne will fluctuate on a regular basis though The scrappers will strive to offer the very best price available.

As mentioned, the team want scrap metal, regardless of its grade or condition, and this will include alloy, copper and iron.

For those who want to scrap ferrous metals, then these are metals that contain iron and are magnetic and corrosive and will include cast iron and stainless steel.

Scrap non-ferrous metals for cash

The team also want to pick up scrap non-ferrous metals for cash which are those that do not contain iron and able to resist rusting and corrosion.

They include metals such as lead, aluminium, copper, zinc, as well as copper wiring and electrical cable.

While ferrous metals are more common and can be recycled easier and quicker, non-ferrous metals need a longer recycling process.

The team are able to pick up from a range of sources, depending on where the scrap metal is including construction sites and manufacturing premises as well as independent scrap dealers.

If you would like a free scrap metal pick up service and earn the best prices when doing so, then you need to speak with the experts at The Scrappers today on 01204 388488.