We need your Mercedes to scrap! Call The Scrappers

If you have a Mercedes to scrap then congratulations on finding The Scrappers because we offer the best prices for your scrap car or van.

Whether your Mercedes is a write-off or is too expensive to repair, we are interested in taking it off your hands.

We will even arrange a collection so you don’t have to go to any trouble in delivering your unwanted vehicle to us – and we’ll pay cash when we do!

Essentially, if you have a Mercedes car or van to scrap, we are interested in (among other models!):

  • Mercedes A-Class
  • Mercedes B-Class
  • Mercedes C-Class
  • Mercedes E-Class
  • Mercedes M-Class
  • Mercedes GLK/CLK/AMG-GLE/ML/GLE – you get the idea!

Region’s leading car scrap yard

On top of these cars, as the region’s leading car scrap yard we also want your Mercedes van to scrap and again we offer good prices and can collect.

There’s no point wasting money on repairs for a van that may fail its MOT so it’s best to cash in now and invest the money in a new Mercedes van.

Essentially, if you’ve got a Mercedes Vito, Mercedes Sprinter or Mercedes Citan then you need to call us.

We are always interested in ALL Mercedes vans for scrapping.

‘Scrap my car’

So, if you are searching online with the term ‘scrap my car’, then you need to get in touch with The Scrappers.

One reason why we would love to take your unwanted Mercedes car or van off your hands is that there is a strong demand from buyers overseas for the spare parts.

Here at The Scrappers, we’ve built up an excellent reputation in recycling scrap cars and vans so we take out the spare parts and engines if they can be used and sell them to clients around the world.

We have containers leaving our scrap yard every week and we are prepared to pay the best prices to ensure we can keep fulfilling our Mercedes scrap car and van orders.

If you want to know more about why we need your Mercedes to scrap, then you need to call The Scrappers today on (01204) 388488.