We Buy Scrap Copper

Different Types of Copper We Buy

Selling your scrap copper has become a lucrative business, with many scrap metal dealers making thousands out of this rich metal. However, the sale and transaction of scrap metal has also become something that many people deal fraudulently in. Scrap Metal Theft has become a massive crime in the UK, and because of this there is no cash allowed to be exchanged for metal.

We buy all metals, but focus mainly in scrap copper. However, we have found that our customers prefer to be paid by cheque or BACs, and so both payments are available. Both are reliable, and both will guarantee that both us and you are working within the remit of the law.

Sell Your Scrap Copper

There is many different types of copper that we’ll buy, and what’s more we’ll buy any amount. This means that you can just pop to the yard to weigh in a small amount of copper, or you can weigh in more than a tome. If you have a large and heavy amount of scrap copper for sale, we can even come an collect it for free!

If you want to know whether the copper you have, can be sold for scrap check the list below.

• Copper Cable

• Copper Wire

• Coils and Windings

• Copper Tube

• Heavy Copper

• Household Cable

• Turnings and Cuttings

So why not come and weigh your scrap copper in. We’ll pay you the very best prices, and you know that, as an Authorised Treatment Facility, we’ll always make sure that any material we buy from you will be recycled.

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