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British summertime; a scorcher one week, downpours the next.
You could argue it’s nature’s way of reminding us who’s boss, but try telling that to someone watching their worldly possessions float away in a flash flood.
And we’re not just talking household goods. We’ve all watched TV footage of cars being washed away, tasting life briefly as hopeless marine vessels.
Ever wondered what happens to those ill-suited ‘boats’ beyond their watery graves?
Well, if their owners are canny enough, they contact leading scrap-car brokers The Scrappers, and witness for themselves that there really is some life after death.
For no matter how flood damaged the car – even if it’s a complete wipe-out – The Scrappers sweeten the pill, giving the best price around, cash in hand, no fuss, no bother.
Can’t deliver the car? No problem. They’ll do the collecting, drawing on a wealth of experience helping thousands of motorists in flood hotspots everywhere, including the North East and North West of England.
The Scrappers cut the bureaucracy, too. There’s no unnecessary waiting around for pen-pushing damage assessors before an insurance claim can be made. They smooth everything and make sure that all flood-hit motorists are dealt with in a thoroughly professional way. All they ask is that the relevant vehicle paperwork is to hand – and if that’s got soaked they’ll probably help with that, too.
So if you’re in Redcar with a wet car, Blackpool with a four-wheeled cesspool, or Wales with something that should have had sails, contact The Scrappers and get the folding stuff on the very same day your car’s collected.
And something else, too: Peace of mind that your motor is being scrapped to tight government regulations – disposed of in a green and environmentally friendly manner.
So while you might have some beef with Mother Nature’s flood antics, you can at least be assured you’re showing her who’s in the driving seat when it comes to cars.
And remember, The Scrappers isn’t just a car-scrappage company; they are a car salvage yard too, selling quality used car parts and cars.
It’s the sincerest form of recycling there is.