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Washed out wipers?

It’s turning wintry, cold and blustery and the rain is coming down in sheets. Driving to work on a rainy morning has become a nightmare. The thing is, in snow and in sleet drivers tend to take the necessary precautions, but the same care isn’t taken in  the rain. Why?

Rain is just as dangerous, drivers! It is estimated that stopping distances are doubled in the rain as the surface of the road becomes slick and slippery.

Wet weather visually impairs all drivers. Our recommendation is that  you take your time, keep a safe distance between you and the car ahead, make sure the road is well lit and you use your lights. Your brakes should be fully functioning and more than anything, your windscreen wipers should be in working order. On top of this, you should use a quality windscreen fluid, for optimum results.

We don’t often think about our windscreen wipers, before it’s too late and they stop working. But, did you know; for your car to pass its MOT, your wipers must allow you to see to the left and the right as well as straight ahead.

The whole point of a wiper is to shift water. Are yours doing this? Or are they failing at the first hurdle? This could be due to many reasons. But the most common problems are; the rubber on the wiper ripping, wearing away or become detached from the plastic altogether.

To avoid a complete failure of your wipers. What should you look for? You should look for water residue being left on the windscreen after wiping, a juddering or sticking of the wiper to the windscreen or any noises. If any of these actions occur. It’s time to change your wipers.

It is recommended that you change your windscreen wipers every two years and that’s where we at The Scrappers Ltd come in. Here at the North West’s best car breakers, we stock windscreen wipers for thousands of makes and models. We can help you stay safe on the road this winter.

We can help with any car parts you need; to make your car ship shape for winter. All our car parts are for the best prices and are guaranteed to make sure your car ready for the long,wet and windy times ahead.

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