Warning: Do not drive distracted


IAM RoadSmart says drivers should avoid distractions when driving – including the use of mobile phones.

While many of us are aware of distractions outside of the vehicle when  we are driving, such as cyclists and pedestrians, what do you know about the potential distractions inside the vehicle?

Well, that’s what we were thinking at The Scrappers – one of the UK’s leading scrapyards and vehicle breakers – as well and fortunately IAM RoadSmart has put together a list of five items that could cause a distraction when driving.

Smoking and vaping

First up is the issue of smoking and vaping while driving. For those who are driving, what happens if you drop your cigarette? What would your focus be and how will the smoke from your vape get in the way of your view of the road?


This is an interesting issue as a distraction since many people see a satnav as being helpful technology. But it’s also another item that causes us to focus less on the road ahead. Satnavs also encourage quick glances to its map so to avoid taking your eye off the road, you should listen to its instructions rather than looking at the map.

Food & Drink

There is no doubt that drinking and eating inside your vehicle will slow down your reaction time when it’s needed most. It’s recommended instead that you take a short break for eating food and don’t drive with one hand off the wheel while trying to eat a sandwich.

Mobile phones

This is a bugbear for many people since we see lots of drivers still holding their mobile phone while driving and looking at it frequently; this is an obvious distraction and could lead to a serious accident.


If you don’t know where the controls are for things like the windscreen wipers or indicator, then you’re not focusing on the job in hand. Learning where the controls are before setting off is a safe thing to do. Also, playing music too loud can be distraction and also prevent hearing a key sound, including the emergency services.

A spokesman for RoadSmart says: “To drive safely requires concentration, so minimising distractions when behind the wheel will help. If you need to make adjustments to the vehicle settings or make a telephone call then pull over safely and do so at your leisure. Being distracted can lead to errors and result in a collision or a close call. Why take the chance?”

That is sound advice that everybody can take on board and if you are close to The Scrappers scrapyard here in Bolton then call into our excellent cafe should you find yourself hungry or needing a tea break.

Otherwise, you can always contact us if you are thinking about scrapping your car or van and wanting the best price possible for it. We’re professionals and we are always on the lookout for scrap cars and vans to recycle.