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If you want to scrap your VW and get the best price for doing so, then you need to call the professionals at The Scrappers NOW!

Not only will you be earning the best price possible for your scrap VW car or van, but the friendly team can also arrange collection and there are agents around the country so we can pick up your vehicle wherever you are.

Regardless of where you live, The Scrappers will pay the best price and offer cash when they pick up your vehicle.

While no one looks forward to scrapping a cherished vehicle, it can be a time-consuming and stressful exercise getting rid of it.

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Impressive scrap car prices

While you may be tempted by impressive scrap car prices from another organisation, you’ll need to bear in mind that one of the issues when scrapping your VW car is that the laws for doing so have changed in recent years.

The most important change is that you will need to use an authorised treatment facility for this purpose and receive a certificate of destruction from them when you do so.

Not every scrapyard is an authorised treatment facility, that’s one that is monitored and licensed by the Environment Agency to ensure your vehicle is disposed of safely without harming our environment.

It’s also worth pointing out that should you use an unauthorised scrapyard, then you run the risk of being legally responsible for whatever happens to your vehicle after you’ve handed it over. It’s really not a risk worth taking.

Deal with a professional car scrap yard operation

Essentially, you need to deal with a professional car scrap yard operation, such as that run by The Scrappers, since they will strive to remove harmful fluids from the vehicle, including the brake oil.

These oils and fluids can cause serious damage to the ground and water table, so it’s important that they are removed before doing so. Also, the battery will need to be removed and sent to a recycling centre.

So, not only will The Scrappers offer the best price and dispose of your car in the most effective way, you also need to appreciate that any of the spare parts that can be removed and sold on will be.

This means that someone who is looking for a part to repair their vehicle will be able to do so from your vehicle and The Scrappers sell parts to customers around the world and in the UK.

If you would like to know more about how to scrap your VW car or van and get the best cash price for doing so, then you need to contact the friendly team at The Scrappers today.