Want To Scrap A Car Bolton? How Steel Has Changed the Industry

The Steel Industry Downfall- How This Affects Us

The steel industry has hit the headlines this week again, but not for the right reasons. The UK steel industry has taken a massive hit, with Tata steel creating over a thousand job losses at their Welsh plant this month. The BBC said ‘The steel industry says it has been hit by a combination of factors: the strength of the pound, relatively high electricity prices, the extra cost of climate change policies and competition from China- there have been allegations that Chinese steel is being sold in the UK at unrealistically low prices.’

Before the economic crash of 2006, the steel industry was booming. We were paying over £150 per tonne. However, in the last 10 years there has been a steady decline and steel prices have failed to climb back up. Before this, we would buy any scrap car for cash, regardless of its condition, make or model. The scrap a car Bolton industry was in the best position. However, we are now more interested in salvage cars and ones which we can export.

Scrap My Car Bolton

Although we don’t really invest in scrap cars any more, doesn’t mean that we won’t buy your car off you. If your car is a later model or is a breaker, we can still pay thousands for it. We are one of the UK’s leading late model breakers, which means that we are always looking for cars that we can dismantle for parts.

If you want to scrap a car Bolton, you should call us to see if your car is on one of our export lists. We buy accident damaged cars. So if you have a car for sale, why not give us a call today?

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