Used Tyres

Let’s talk tyres. Do you know you’re his-tyre-ry?
Well vulcanised or hardened  rubber was invented in 1844 by Charles Goodyear which was used to make tyres.
Air-filled tyres were the creation of John Dunlop in 1888 for bicycles. But his patent was later scrapped in favour of Robert Thompson who was another inventor.
Then in 1895 Andre Michelin was the first to test out tyres on cars, but he didn’t succeed.
It wasn’t until 1911 that the first successful tyre came about, invented by Philip Strauss who sold them through his company the Hardman Tyre and Rubber Company.

It was the start of something huge and world hasn’t looked back since, tyres take us everywhere.
But they can be pricey when bought new , so why not save a packet and buy quality used tyres from us!
Because we buy end of life vehicles and damaged vehicles we have tyres coming out of our ears almost! Many of them are in great condition too. A brand new car may come in to our yard with damaged bodywork but there will be parts, like tyres that are still as good as new.
We certainly don’t want to see those going off to land-fill, they deserve to be back on the road and saving motorists money because they didn’t have to buy new.

Our quality used tyres depot in Bolton offers free tyre checks on all our cheap used tyres.
But just because they’re cheap, doesn’t mean we scrimp on quality.

And remember keep your car tyres in check. The legal minimum tread depth for a tyre is 1.6mm.
Most tyres will have a tread wear indicator. Look out for a horizontal bar or rubber which you’ll find between the tread patterns at a depth of  2mm. If you find the height of the tread has worn down to the tread of the bar you should think about changing your tyres.
That’s when you can come and see us!