Used Car Parts Manchester

MANCHESTER is a top place to shop, if you like that sort of thing.
What with the Trafford Centre shopping mall and a bustling city centre you can pretty much buy anything.

Well anything except used car parts; there’s no little boutique tucked up in the high street selling second hand engines, cat converters or axles. 
It would amusing to see Harvey Nics launch a motoring parts department, at least blokes would have somewhere to retreat while the missus shops!
But realistically there isn’t the kind of space or facilities needed. 

Thankfully that’s what a breakers yard is for, and here at The Scrappers we’ve got shelves and shelves loaded with beautiful quality used car parts.
We are like a department store for all things car based in Bolton, Greater Manchester but serving the whole nation.

We don’t sell fancy jumpers, but we flog awesome bumpers. We don’t do shoes, but we have plenty of car boots. We don’t do home décor, but we have mirrors.
We don’t do trousers either, but we know you’ll pocket a bargain when you buy a second hand car part from us!

Feel free to visit our scrap yard and see what we’ve got in store and we’ll help you find the part you’re after.
Or just like other major stores, why not buy from us online? We sell used car engines, used panels, used windscreens and everything else via our website.
You can search for whatever you want from interiors to exhausts and check what we have in store.
And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, let one of our team member know as they will search for it on your behalf. 
All our used car parts are checked and cleaned before being despatched too,

Shopping doesn’t get an easier than this – it’s the car-free way!