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The Tooth Is Out There

Used Car Parts Bolton

Grab the toothpaste folks, we are about to get cleaning…

If you’ve been on lockdown, chances are you will have cleaned your house and your car from top to bottom.

And while cleaning you may have noticed you need a replacement car part.

Here at The Scrappers we love helping customers who need affordable great quality used car parts to keep their pride and joy motors running.

All our used parts come with a warranty and we are open seven days a week, 24/7.

Nothing fills our hearts with more joy than a happy customer who found that certain part they were after for their beloved vehicle.

So today we thought we would run through some nifty car cleaning hacks that will make your motor sparkle.

Grab some toothpaste and an old toothbrush, yep you read right. When it comes to cleaning headlights put some toothpaste on a rag and cover your headlamps in the stuff. 

Let it sit on your lights for a few minutes before wiping off with a clean wet cloth, the bubbles in the toothpaste will get that grime off and leave you with bobby dazzling sparkly headlights.

Use the old toothbrush to get in the nooks and crannies inside your vehicle, to clear any dust from the heating vents to get out any grime hidden in the car seats. 

But don’t forget if you have a shabby old car seat and you want to replace it or replace any car part with quality used car parts in Bolton, then call on us.

A great way to keep your windscreen wipers from smudging is to wipe them down with rubbing alcohol. This will ensure you wipers don’t leave smudges on your windscreen when you use them next. 

And did you know olive oil can bring your dashboard up a treat? It can make it look shiny and nourished, preventing it from cracking. But if you do have a cracked dashboard or any cracked part of the car interior, The Scrappers can help you find quality used car interiors. 

We can sort you with any quality used car part in Bolton.  

Perhaps you are looking for used gearboxes, or quality used engines in Bolton or perhaps further a field. We provide UK wide delivery on used car parts.

We have thousands of used car parts in Bolton as well as nationwide. 

And equally we have thousands of satisfied customers too.

Naturally, some cars may be beyond salvaging. You may want to scrap a car in Bolton, or scrap a car near you wherever you live.

Our trusted agents can come and collect your scrap car whenever suits you and we are open 24/7. And you will be given a certificate of destruction, legal proof you have scrapped your car with reputable car breakers. 

We will take it to our Authorised Treatment Facility in Bolton. But we are not just about scrap car Bolton, we reach out all over the UK. 

So if you are thinking, ‘I don’t need a used car part, I actually need to scrap my car,’ then call on us.

For more information and for that feeling of knowing, ‘I got the best price for my scrap car, I got the best price for used car parts’ call (01204) 388488.

Or fill out our form here