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Buy Used Car Parts Bolton

IF you’ve ever had a speeding ticket, you’ll be familiar with that gut-wrenching feeling when you pay the fine.
But spare a thought for a driver who was slapped with the largest speeding fine ever given; a staggering $1 million dollars or £750,000! The motorist, a Swedish bloke, was clocked doing 180 miles per hour in Switzerland. Unlucky for him, the country doesn’t have a fixed penalty for speeding; the fine is calculated by the speed of which the driver is going and their salary. That’s got to hurt.

Fines in the UK may not be the steepest but we don’t half make up for it when it comes to parking fees.
Manchester, Salford, Bolton and Blackburn are pricey places to park the car but nothing compared to London.
The big cheese is the most expensive city to park in the whole world. 
Parking in the centre can cost an eye watering £600.00 per month! And there’s the congestion charge on top too!
No wonder Londoners are ditching their cars and taking the tube.If it’s not fines or parking fees, the general running of a car is a pricey affair. It costs, on average, £6,000 annually to keep a car on the road!

buy used car parts Bolton

Car Breakers Bolton

But that’s where our fabulous car breakers Bolton can come in. 
Because we sell quality used car parts we can help reduce your motoring costs.
When you buy used car parts Bolton, you can be sure they will have been cleaned up and checked thoroughly and sold to you at an affordable price. 
It’s the greener way to keep on motoring and easier on the wallet too.

Used Car Parts For Less

We sell all kinds of used car parts from engines, engine components, to panels, gearboxes and seats – all designed to save you money and do good things for the environment.   
Let us know what you need and we’ll not fine you – just make you feel fine!

Call us today to get buy used car parts Bolton today. 

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