Used and New Car Engines – At Affordable Prices

Engines with Warranty

If you need a used car engine or a new engine, we at The Scrappers can offer these with warranties. We have stock of engines for all makes and models. All engines experience some kind of problem and not all of these can be repaired. Many people prefer to buy a used car, as it is available at a lower price.

We can ship you the required engines for your car. You can get brand new engines or if you prefer, you could also get used engines at discounted prices. By taking care of regular maintenance practices for your car engine, you can even surpass the 100,000 mile limit for your engine. We can even find engines for classic cars dating back to the 70s or the 80s.

How to Buy a Used Engine

Whether you are searching for new engines for old used engines for your car, we can help you by offering the best quality discounted engines online. The Scrappers focuses on quality engines for supplying to the retailer, to mechanics and also to junkyards requiring used engines for replacement. When you select a used engine, it is necessary that the new engine you buy must match the currently used one. You can contact us and give the vehicle identification number to our professionals, and we can find just the right engine for your vehicle. While buying an engine, make sure that you buy one that has lesser mileage than your current engine.

Listing of Engines

We have a constantly shifting inventory and have listed all the engines we currently have along with the latest pricing. We also ensure that all parts as well as the components of the engine are inspected thoroughly before we sell a unit to our customers. You can select from a wide range of all the top brands of engines, such as Toyota, Honda, Audi and Opel, among several others. Even if you don’t find the particular brand on our site, you can send us a request and we can source the parts or the engine for you.

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