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Used Alloys Bolton



Feast your eyes on these stunning alloys – spools of delight waiting for a rubber wrapping.

There’s so many elements of beauty in a scrapyard. And even more attractive is the fact that so many components are recycled – better for the earth and better for your pocket!

Alloy wheels can be an expensive affair if you’re going for brand new, so why not spare yourself a bunch of reddies and go for quality used alloys instead.

Alloy alloy alloy!

Like the used alloy wheels in Bolton’s best breakers yard, The Scrappers and their sister site All Tyred Up.

You’ll get amazing deals on wheels and be able to wow with bargain alloys to make your vehicle sparkle.

As the images show, there are hundreds of different make and style of alloy wheels in Bolton, right there in the scrapyard.

But don’t worry if you live miles away from the best tyres and alloy wheels in Bolton paradise – because they deliver!

All Tyred Up also do deliveries on alloys and deliveries on new tyres and deliveries on part worn tyres.


Just tell the tyre team what you’re after and they’ll track it down for you.

Delivery is usually the next day so you’ll be good to go with bargain alloys and bargain tyres.

If you do fancy popping in to the Bolton scrapyard and Bolton tyre depot, then be their guest. They’d love to see you!

All Tyred Up offer a tyre fitting service, taking any hassle out of replacement tyres and replacement alloys

Best prices are guaranteed, there’s no messing about here.

Rim Greaper – beautiful bunch of alloys 😍

Aluminium alloy rims, for all makes of cars. Just ask and it’ll be sorted.

Don’t forget it’s not all just wheel related, The Scrappers can sort out all your needs when it comes to replacement car parts.

Affordable car parts, that have come from other vehicles and therefore mean you are doing your bit for the planet and saving a bunch of cash too.

The other way you can be kind to your bank balance and the planet is when the time comes to part with your current vehicle. 


When it is time to give your present car, van, truck or bike the heave-ho scrap it with The Scrappers. They always pay the best price for scrap cars, scrap vans, scrap trucks and scrap bikes. 

You get a hefty sum in your bank and proof that your vehicle has been dismantled and dealt with according to safe government guidelines. 

That means any of the harmful stuff is discarded properly, ensuring that the environment isn’t being damaged and the rest is for reusing and recycling.

Only authorised treatment facilities, which are WAMITAB approved, such as The Scrappers,  can do this. 

So for all your vehicle needs, from keeping a car on the road with bargain used car parts or bargain replacement tyres to dealing with the end of a life vehicle – The Scrappers and All Tyred Up will tend to your every want and need.

Contact The Scrappers on 01204 388488.

For used tyres Bolton ? Contact All Tyred Up on 01204 567666.