UK’s car scrappage schemes continue in popularity


Audi unveils its scrappage scheme offers.

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s article about UK car scrappage schemes being extended, two major players have also announced they are extending their schemes.

The first sees Audi announcing its scrappage incentive will run until March 31 and could see a financial contribution being made of between £2,000 and £8,000, depending on the model being bought.

There’s also extra money available for their plug-in hybrid models.

Those are excellent financial incentives and the offer is being made for any pre-2010 diesel model to exchange for an Audi EU6-compliant diesel, petrol or hybrid vehicle.

The UK’s car scrappage schemes have proved to be very successful with some, particularly BMW, referring to their schemes as a ‘lower emissions allowance’.

Manufacturers who have unveiled car scrappage schemes

All of the manufacturers who have unveiled car scrappage schemes want to remove polluting older vehicles from our roads with some schemes offering cars registered as late as 2011 to qualify for their scheme.

In addition to boosting sales, Ford says that by taking an estimated 19 million pre-EU5 vehicles from our roads, we could see CO2 emissions falling by 15 million tonnes.

Following in the footsteps of Audi, Volkswagen says its scrapping scheme is also being extended to encourage people to buy their latest EU6-compliant vehicles.

They are offering up to £6,000 under the scheme for selected new diesel, petrol and plug-in hybrid and electric cars.

For example, anyone fancying a new VW e-Golf, combined with the government’s OLEV grant, could see a tasty £8,500 being slashed from the price.

Volkswagen also highlights that all vehicles traded-in will be scrapped and not sold on.

The Scrappers guide to some of the best scrappage schemes and allowances

To help you, this is The Scrappers guide to some of the best scrappage schemes and allowances currently available:

The Audi Q7 e-Tron can be had with an £8,000 discount, the Audi A5 Cabriolet gets £6,000 while there is £5,500 available against any DS5 and £3,500 for a new DS3. Citroen is also offering £6,400 against its C3 Picasso and the Audi Q3 has a £4,000 allowance.

Also, some manufacturers are offering impressive scrappage allowances against vans:

Get £5,000 from a Peugeot Partner, £5,500 from a new Citroen Dispatch or Peugeot Expert, while there is £7,000 available under their schemes for a Citroen Relay or Peugeot Boxer.

There’s no doubt that many of these schemes are tempting and for anybody wanting a new vehicle, the car scrappage schemes currently make economic sense.

For anyone whose car or van does not comply with any of the schemes’ requirements, for example it may be too new, then you need to speak with the van and car scrapping experts at The Scrappers to see how much your vehicle is worth as scrap, regardless of where you live in the UK.