Tyres Part Worn

Tyres part worn – All Brands

The Scrappers specializes in new as well as partly worn tyres for your vehicles. We also offer related services, such as tracking and wheel balancing for your tires, along with other garage services, scrapping your old car and services for exhausts, radio code, run flat repairs, oil changes etc.

All Types of Tyres

The Scrappers offers a customer focused service for new tyres as well as partly worn tyres. We also offer branded tyres and, alternatively, if you are looking for budget tyres we also have these. We can fit your car with other related accessories as well, such as brake discs, full exhausts or part exhausts, wheel balancing and tracking, etc. Whether you are looking for brake pads, batteries, oil change or a filter change for your car, we offer you a comprehensive solution at The Scrappers.

We are suppliers as well as fitters of new as well as partly worn tires for your car and can also offer a complete puncture and repair service. There is a wide selection of tires with free safety checks offered as well. All the used tyres are thoroughly checked out for any type of damage. We can also deliver tires at wholesale prices and offer a free delivery service on bulk orders. Our inventory of tyres consists of all the major brands, such as Firestone, Michelin, Goodyear and Dunlop to name a few. We also offer whole containers.

Safety Ensured

We provide standard tires, ensuring safety and comfort of our customers. In this process, we make sure that all the partly worn tires are completely pressurized. We also make complete checks for rips or any sidewall damage or for bulges, before we send any orders. All our used tyres are pressure tested by the use of hi-tech machines, in order to follow EU regulations and standards.

Avail our services at The Scrappers for private as well as commercial cars and vehicles of all makes and models. Get quality tyres at quality prices.

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