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Scrap My Car Torquay

Scrap A Car Torquay

There is nothing worse than car problems and sometimes, the problems are just too expensive to fix. But there is another option. Why not scrap a car Torquay with us today. We will always pay the best prices for your scrap cars Torquay. For over 20 years we have been scrapping cars up and down the UK, and offering the best deals, and the best prices. Over the past few years the price of scrap metal has fluctuated immensely and so we always check the price of scrap metal in the morning, before we offer any of our customers any prices on their scrap cars Torquay.

When you call us to you car, you can choose a time and place to suit you, so we can come and collect your car for free. We will then pay you by cheque on arrival.Due to a steep increase in metal fraud,it is now illegal to pay for scrap car Torquay with cash, so we find that paying by cheque is preferable to our customers. This is due to the fact that the driver can hand over the cheque on arrival and the cheque will always be guaranteed up to £10’000. There are never any hidden charges with Scrap A Car Locally, we aim to be totally transparent with every customer, and we’ll sort out all the DVLA paperwork for you.

scrap my car Torquay

Scrap Cars Torquay

When we collect your car for scrap, we don’t just throw it on the scrap heap, we instead make sure that we recycle up to 90% of every car that comes through our gates. Firstly, we depollute the car, which means that we filter all the chemicals and hazardous materials out of the car and make sure that they are disposed of safely. The next step to recycling a car is to remove all the parts out of it. This means that the parts that are still in a good working order are cleaned and refurbished so that they can be used to get another car back on the road. Finally, when there is just the shell of the car left, we crush it in the baler. This metal can be used to make other cars, thus sparing the earth’s natural source of metal ore. Doing all of this to the scrap cars Torquay that come through our gates, means that we are lowering our CO2 emissions, caring for the OZone layer and making the world a generally greener and more eco-friendly place.

scrap a car Torquay

Buy Used Car Parts

When we break cars for parts, we make sure that every part that can be used again, is restored, so that we can store them safely away. If you believe your car has life still in it, and it would benefit from a second hand car part, get in touch with us. We have engines and gearboxes, which have been reconditioned and we also have accessories for the mechanics, electrics and aesthetics of your car. So if you need used car parts or you want to scrap a car Torquay today, call the team on 01204 388 488 or fill in the online form.