To Scrap Or Not to Scrap

Are you ready to scrap?

Your car has been your wing-man for years, was the coolest of cool ten years ago. You’ve been on some epic journeys and you’ve stuck together through thick and thin. Your car is like your family, you’ve even got a name for it!  The problem is, cars get old and for the last couple of months it’s been looking and sounding more like Del Boy’s Reliant, than David Beckham’s Range Rover. Has your wing-man started coughing and spluttering up the motorway, stalling at busy junctions and just being a general embarrassment? Is it en route to failing its MOT? 

You can keep it going, feeding it new parts and paying the mechanics a fortune every time, because at the end of the day, it’s your baby and you’ll do anything to save it. Loosing it would be like loosing a limb. Or you could make one of biggest decisions of your life. 

To Scrap or Not to Scrap

That is the question. You have to weigh all of your options. Look at the pros and the cons. You may never see your car again, but you also don’t have to keep paying for repairs if you scrap your car. Neither do you have to buy anymore parts.You are making money instead of wasting money.   

Here at The Scrappers Ltd we buy any car, no matter of its make, model or condition. All you have to do is enter you registration number and location into our online form, and one of our scrap car specialists will give you a call to confirm prices and all your details. Alternatively, you can give us a call on 01204 388488 to get a quotation on price straight away. 

We also arrange a free collection service and deal with all the admin for you. What’s more, if you live in the North West, such as Bolton or Manchester, we promise to be with you within two hours. So all you have to do is give us a call, sit back and relax, and our driver will be there with you to hand over a nice hefty cheque. Easy as 1,2,3. Don’t let scrapping your car be an upset or worry, stick with The Scrappers Ltd. 

So does that make you feel a bit better? 

The Scrappers Ltd uphold all the rules and regulations for recycling cars, so you don’t even have to fear that your car won’t go to good use. All the parts that can possibly be salvaged will help other cars back onto the road and all the metal will be exported to make other cars, meaning that all our natural resources aren’t spent. If you’d like to know more about our methods of recycling click here.