Tips on scrapping an electric vehicle

For anybody wanting tips on scrapping an electric vehicle, there are some important issues you need to bear in mind.

While the process to scrapping and depolluting an electric car or van is similar to that for a petrol or diesel powered vehicle, there are some important differences.

Firstly, an electric vehicle is packed with complex electronics and circuitry as well as the battery pack. All of these need to be dealt with carefully.

Secondly, it’s really important that you use an authorised treatment facility for disposing of an unwanted electric vehicle because these are monitored by the Environment Agency to ensure that the vehicle is properly depolluted without harming our environment.

If you decide to use a scrapyard for disposing of an electric vehicle and it’s not being monitored by the Environment Agency, then you run the risk that pollutants from your vehicle may damage the environment and you will still be responsible for the vehicle after it leaves your hands.

There’s an easy way of checking whether a scrapyard or recycling firm is an authorised treatment facility by using the official government website.

Scrap an electric car

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But why would people run the risk of using an unauthorised treatment facility when they are scrapping an electric vehicle? This is probably down to cash.

While The Scrappers pay among the best prices for scrap vehicles, you may be tempted by a higher price in £20 notes.

However, it’s now illegal to pay cash to someone scrapping a vehicle since you must be paid by either direct bank transfer or cheque.

The issues you also need to be aware of when scrapping an electric vehicle, include:

The risk of electrocution: staff will need to be properly trained in stripping down electric vehicles.

Disposing of the batteries: while batteries from diesel and petrol powered cars can be recycled because the battery essentially starts the car, that’s not the same situation with lithium ion battery packs. They need to be handled carefully and then disposed of correctly.

Fire risk: for those scrapyards that have not been trained or have no experience of stripping down and depolluting electric cars, they run a fire risk to the yard and their employees. Their staff can also be injured while working on electric cars and vans.

Recycling your electric car

It’s simply not worth the trouble when recycling your electric car or van and it’s always best to deal with experts and with The Scrappers you’re dealing with a reputable family firm.

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