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Time To Say Goodbye Salford

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Are you upset to see the demolition of those famous blue cargo cranes Salford? After many years of dominating the Salford skyline, council bosses finally decided that it was time for them to go. If you’ll miss them, why not come to The Scrappers and see some proper machines in action.

We have two huge machines that will take you mind off loosing your own. Our massive grabber will take your vehicle off your hands and we’ll be sure to bash it up good and proper for you.

If you want to scrap your car Salford, there is no better place to go. We’re literally down the road in Bolton, so you can get your fix of big machines at work. Or if you’re feeling a little too melancholy about the loss of Salford’s historic landmarks, we’ll come and get your car from you, with free collection.

We buy any scrap car

Or if you, like your home town, fancy something a bit more modern looking, why not come and have a look at our huge range of used cars. Your experience dealing with The Scrappers will be quick and painless, you can scrap your old car, get some money then drive away in a new one. All in a days work.

Give us a call to scrap your car Salford and see how much we’ll pay for your old car: 01204 388 488

car being grabbed and scrapped