Thomas Robinson, Bolton College Work Experience 2017

Hello, my name is Thomas Robinson and today I will be talking about scrappers and the wonderful work I will be completing and the wonderful work that the team here have already achieved and keep on striving to complete. But let me introduce myself, I ‘am 19 years old and from Manchester. I ‘am currently studying Computing Level 3 at Bolton College and have completed units that will deem to help me in my future for example I have studied Software development and this will help me in programming. I have also studied Website Development, in this I had to learn and write HTML 5 Scripts to create a website. So that’s it from me, now, Scrappers, they are well known in Bolton for being on Tv and this has increased their business potential so when I was watching the series I saw that the team are very helpful and work so well together and when someone needed help they all came to help that one individual personally, like a family and I would love to be a part of that family to strive and be the best scrappers company out there.

On the first day, I went through an induction talking about Health and Safety and Policy and Procedures. The Health and Safety induction was very informative as they want the staff and customers to be safe on site even if you are in an office. Policy and Procedures was also very informative as it is important to the company for their employees to know the rules. I went through the induction with Dave a nice and very well-informed employee he made me feel very comfortable in the workplace and even helped me with future endeavours like telling me about free courses I could take online that will help me with my future. He also told me about a café on site, a café, on a scrappers site I know crazy right but it’s nice to go there from time to time.
And I guess that’s all too it, I’m still on my first day and I ‘am excited for the rest of the week.



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