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Scrap A Van For Cash

Scrapping a van for cash with us will ensure that you get the best price for the van and if you feel that there is a few years left in it then you can count on us to not just throw it on the yard to rust but we will get the good parts out of the van and sell them to the next buyer.


Scrap Your Van For Cash

We are the biggest van scrappers in the north west. We break the van to get its good parts. We have the can give you the most competitive prices. We buy all types of vans like berlingos and ford transit vans. You can ask for a quote today and will receive one as soon as possible.



Scrap A Van Prices

If you have the latest model of a van we will pay you into the thousands even if its accident damaged as we can still use the parts. But if its a normal van we could pay you from £150 to £5000.