The Scrappers will ‘scrap my car today’ and pay more

The process for scrapping vehicles is simple and straightforward, so if you want to ‘scrap my car today’ and get the best price when doing so, then you need to contact The Scrappers.

Wherever you live or work, there is a network of agents keen to pick up your unwanted vehicle and you will be paid instantly into your bank account when this is done.

Indeed, you need to be wary about any scrapyard offering cash for picking up your vehicle since this is no longer allowed and you should probably ask the scrapyard whether they are an authorised treatment facility which means they are monitored by the Environment Agency to operate legally.

Also, only an authorised treatment facility can give you a certificate of destruction which is proof that you have disposed of your car legally and in a responsible way.

Not all scrapyards are authorised and you may be running a risk when using these unlicensed sites since you will be held legally responsible for whatever happens to your vehicle after you hand it over, regardless of how much cash you’ve been paid because the scrapyards are not authorised to dismantle vehicles safely.

scrap my car today
If you need to ‘scrap my car today’ then you need a professional organisation that can quickly remove your scrap vehicle – The Scrappers.

Reasons why people think about scrapping an unwanted vehicle

The reasons why people think about scrapping an unwanted vehicle will vary, but the most common include:

  • It’s an MOT failure
  • It’s been badly damaged in an accident
  • It has gearbox failure or seized brakes
  • The engine has failed
  • Or it is simply too expensive to repair.

But it’s not just for these reasons why people think about scrapping their car and they may want to free up a parking space or get rid of their current car to upgrade to a newer model.

Scrap a vehicle

There’s no doubt that if you’ve never had to scrap a vehicle before then the process may appear to be daunting but with The Scrappers, you are dealing with the friendly experts.

The process for doing so won’t just see your vehicle being put into a crusher and turned into a cube of metal. Instead, there is a more involved process when it comes to recycling cars and any parts that can be removed and reused will be, including the engine.

In addition, the scrapyard will also need to remove harmful pollutants such as brake fluid and engine oil, so they don’t damage the environment. Also, the battery will be removed and sent away to be recycled.

For more help and information for those wanting to ‘scrap my car today’ and earn the best possible price for their unwanted vehicle, then contact The Scrappers on 01204 388488.