The Scrappers North West Ford Scrappage Scheme


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The Scrappers North West Ford Scrappage Scheme

The Scrappers have just won the North West Ford Scrappage Scheme contract for recycling all cars that are obtained in the North West by Ford in their new £2,000-discount Scrappage Scheme.

All Ford dealerships nationwide will be offering a £2,000 deduction to all their customers looking to purchase a new vehicle. All Ford branches in the North West will be relying on our recycling team at The Scrappers to collect all part-exchanged vehicles and dismantle all parts from them in an aim for an improvement in recycling. This means all metals obtained from the vehicles will be sent to a metal remanufacturing company and used again for many other things. We will also be able to remove good working parts from these vehicles and will be added to our stock inventory, giving you the motorist a chance to buy a quality second hand part an extended life and save huge amounts of money that a main dealer may have charged you for an equivalent part.

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