The Scrappers need scrap engines for export

It may not be your first consideration when thinking of scrapping your car but there is strong overseas demand for the UK’s scrap cars, which is why The Scrappers needs scrap engines for export.

The firm has built up a strong trade among overseas dealers to buy scrap cars as well as scrap car parts from the UK.

These parts are then used to repair cars in the countries where the exports are sent, including China, Ghana, Spain, Nigeria and Egypt plus others.

This means that The Scrappers are able to pay among the best prices for your scrap car because the engines are a particularly popular exporting item.

Scrap value of car

The scrap value of car will depend on the weight of the vehicle and the demand for the parts and if it’s a particular make, for example Mercedes, then it will command a premium because of overseas demand.

The Scrappers are able to pick up your unwanted vehicle for scrap anywhere in the country because they have an established network of reputable agents who can arrange a pickup at a convenient time, pay you cash for your vehicle and then help complete the V5C, also known as the logbook, for the DVLA.

This is a helpful service for many people wanting to get rid of their vehicle and be paid for doing so.

Don’t forget too that if you’re looking to scrap your van, whether it’s an MOT failure or has reached the end of its life, then the scrap engines from vans are also used for export purposes and you can enjoy a better price for your scrap vehicle as a result.

Scrap car prices will vary

While scrap car prices will vary, it is crucial that you use a scrap yard that is an authorised treatment facility because only they are able to issue a certificate of destruction which is official confirmation that you have scrapped your car legally and properly.

Also, an authorised treatment facility is monitored by the Environment Agency to ensure that the harmful oils and fluids from your vehicle, such as the brake fluid, are disposed of carefully and items like the battery are sent a specialist recycling centre.

This is an important service that not only helps protect our environment but prevents cars from being dumped on the roadside or on grass verges.

If you would like to know more about why The Scrappers need scrap engines for export and how to scrap your car legally and properly, then it’s time to contact the experts on (01204) 388488.