The Scrappers: How to scrap your electric car

With growing numbers of electric vehicles, or EVs, on our roads, you may be searching online for ‘How to scrap your electric car’.

While numbers are low currently, there’s no doubt that from 2019 more electric cars will need to be scrapped or recycled because they’ve either been involved in an accident or are too expensive to repair.

This then leaves owners with something of a conundrum because they will need to use a reputable scrap car firm to ensure their vehicle is disposed of correctly.

Failing to do so may lead to the environment being polluted as rogue car scrappers will fail to de-pollute the car properly so there may be oils and chemicals being thrown away.

Scrap electric cars for cash

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Electric vehicles have grown steadily in popularity and while many will have a lifespan of up to 10 years, others will be longer which means more owners are looking to scrap electric cars for cash.

It’s important however to appreciate that the recycling process for electric vehicles is different to that for petrol and diesel engine cars with one of the big issues being the recycling the battery properly.

Basically, a car scrapyard will be able to remove the battery from a diesel or petrol engine vehicle because it’s used to start the car and it can be recycled by specialist firms.

The downside for an electric vehicle is that there are no UK-based specialists offering a recycling facility so the battery will need to be sold on or recycled elsewhere in Europe.

Recycle an electric vehicle

The other issue is that anyone looking to recycle an electric vehicle should use a vehicle recycling firm that is an authorised treatment facility. This means that the Environment Agency monitors their activities to ensure they comply with regulations and vehicles are de-polluted properly.

The de-polluting of a petrol or diesel engine vehicle is an intensive operation with the oils and hazardous chemicals being removed safely before the car is scrapped and items can be sold on for repairing other vehicles.

With all electric vehicles, there are more safety risks inherent in the process, particularly from fires and electrocution.

This last point is really important because the battery packs in cars are not all the same, so specialist training will be necessary. The person responsible for dismantling the car could be facing a component that generates more than 500 volts – and it’s why owners are told not to damage or handle battery packs.

As mentioned, there is no reason in taking risks when you want to scrap your electric car, so it’s worth contacting the experts at The Scrappers who will be able to help and pay the best electric vehicle scrap price.