The Scrappers are the experts to ‘scrap my car’

With more than 25 years of vehicle scrapping experience, if you want to scrap my car, then you need to contact the experts.

Not only are The Scrappers one of the leading scrapping firms in the country but we also offer the best prices for your scrap vehicle, regardless of its condition.

We also have a strong reputation as leading late model breakers and will pay more for newer models.

That’s because the working parts from cars are expertly removed and sold on to those wanting to repair or replace parts in their own car.

Scrap car prices

scrap car prices
Wanting to earn the best scrap car prices? Call The Scrappers on 01204 388488.

While prices for scrap metal will vary, when it comes to scrap car prices then The Scrappers are the best payers.

Another reason for this is that we regularly send lots of car parts, such as the engines and gearboxes, to a growing list of buyers overseas.

To keep our exporting business busy we are prepared to pay extra for your scrap vehicle.

This also means we have an extensive range of second-hand car parts available for delivery at great prices.

Search online for ‘scrap my car near me’

Also, if you want to search online for ‘scrap my car near me’, then you can be reassured that you can access the great prices we offer with high levels of customer service.

That’s because we have a network of friendly agents working on our behalf and we can pick up your scrap vehicle at a time to suit you for free and pay the best prices.

No reputable firm will offer cash to scrap your vehicle because this is now illegal but we will pay cash directly into your bank account when we scrap your car or van.

Another tip for those who are looking to scrap their vehicle is that you’ll need to use a licensed authorised treatment facility and these are monitored by the Environment Agency.

This brings peace of mind that not only are you scrapping your vehicle legally, but it will not contaminate the environment or be dumped on the roadside, for example.

The Scrappers will remove harmful oils and also recycle the battery to ensure that as much of the car is recycled as possible. This is a great way to do your bit for the environment.

In addition, to being wary of anyone offering cash when scrapping your vehicle you need to be aware that you will still be legally responsible for it unless you get a certificate of destruction to prove otherwise – and these are only issued by authorised treatment facilities.

If you want to know more about why The Scrappers are the experts to ‘scrap my car’, then call the friendly team today and find out how much your scrap vehicle is worth and arrange a convenient pickup time on 01204 388 488.

You should ‘scrap my car’ with the experts at The Scrappers.