The Exporting Process

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The Exporting Process

Where we export to…

  • Nigeria
  • Ghana
  • Egypt
  • Lebanon
  • Poland
  • Malta

Why we export…

  • We Can Pay You More
  • Better For The Environment
  • More Reuse That Recycling

Is Your Car On The Export List?

Check if your car is needed by one of our exporters


We Export Around The World

We work with exporters who come from all around the world. Each one has a certain number of makes and models which The Scrappers must find, which means that every call and every quote request that is made to us could be a potential car for export.

Our main exporters are based in Africa, from Nigeria, Ghana and Egypt. But we also have exporters from Lebanon, Poland and Malta. Each one will approach The Scrappers with an amount of cars, equalling a specific weight, which we must match. There will be a deposit paid and then we’ll get to work hunting down the makes and models which are needed.

A Different Depollution Process

Exporting Rules & Regulations