The best tips to find a cheap electric car battery

There are a number of tips to help those who are looking to find a used electric car battery and this article will help.

Firstly, like sourcing any quality used car part, it’s important to deal with a reputable scrap yard – particularly only dealing with those that are an authorised treatment facility – to see if they  have an electric car battery for sale.

It’s these facilities that are monitored by the Environment Agency to ensure that the laws covering the scrapping of vehicles today have been complied with.

This is also an important point for anybody who is scrapping an electric car because the process of dealing with an EV is slightly different, and that is mainly down to the fact there are more hazards involved.

This last point also helps explain why there are not that many scrapyards in the UK selling used electric car batteries, for example battery packs for a Nissan Leaf or Renault Zoe, because the scrap yard will need specially trained staff for this purpose.

Indeed, the scrap yard employee tasked with dismantling an electric vehicle is running a risk of electrocution from the battery pack and injury from the complicated electrical network in the car.

scrap an electric car
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Electric car battery cost

In addition to the electric car battery cost for buyers to use in their own EV, the scrap yard will recycle the vehicle’s parts for selling on to those wanting to repair their own electric car or van.

The first port of call for anybody searching online for a used electric car battery is to speak with the friendly team at The Scrappers.

Not only are they able to scrap electric cars and vans effectively, but they do so on a regular basis.

It also helps that they scrap thousands of vehicles every year and remove spare parts to help fuel strong demand for quality used car parts.

If you are scrapping an electric vehicle and looking for the best price, then The Scrappers are the scrap yard to deal with.

Search online for ‘electric car battery price’

And, as such, they may well have the battery pack suitable for your EV and they can supply it on a nationwide basis when you search online for ‘electric car battery price’.

The team is available to collect for free scrap cars around the country and pay the best prices to help generate the spare parts for EVs and also the battery packs.

While the numbers of electric vehicles in the UK are slowly growing, there is no doubt that demand for replacement battery packs at a reasonable cost will also grow with this.

For more help and information about finding a used electric car battery, then you need to speak with The Scrappers today on (01204) 388488.