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Who Will Buy My Van?


Does your van make you feel anxious, is it giving you VANxiety? 

Then perhaps it’s time to scrap your van with the Scrappers.

Your van may be old, your van may be rusty, your van may not drive anymore. Not a problem when it comes to the Scrappers as they are interested in buying any type of van. 

The Scrappers are based in Bolton just on the outskirts of Manchester. You could say The Scrappers are the capital of Vanchester.

You might be thinking why would The Scrappers want my old rusty van? The answer is simple, so they can break it for parts and use the parts for other vans.

Your old van can help another van back on the road again. That’s what The Scrappers call Vanderful. You don’t have to live in Bolton, you don’t have to live in Manchester either, you don’t have to live anywhere near the north of England