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Who buys alloys Bolton?

Taking it Slo… 🇸🇰

Business at The Scrappers is Slo…

Business at The Scrappers is Slovakian!!!

Britain’s best salvage yard The Scrappers have opened up a new business pathway with a Slovakian company who are buying engines.

This week the team filled a giant truck bound for Slovakia full of engines.

It marks another country the Scrappers are now exporting too. In fact one of their mantras has always been, that The Scrappers Metro Salvage is everyone’s local scrap yard on a global scale!!

This latest business arrangement marks another eventful week in The Scrappers yard.

Bossman Terry Walker explains: “It’s exciting to conduct business on a global scale and in these difficult times brings the world together.

“We are always looking to export engines, cars, car parts to other parts of the world and welcome any new business opportunities.”

The Scrappers already export to places like Spain, Ghana and Lithuania.

It’s a global enterprise is the car scrap