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Who buys accident damaged cars?

Sell my accident damaged car

Most motorists will tell you driving in the rain is more of a chore than pleasure.

Steamed up windows, wipers going ten to the dozen and water logged pot holes that douse your motor in muddy gritty sludge.

Oh the joys… 🚙 🌧 🚙 🌧

It is a ball ache and best to avoid driving if possible. But when you have to make that journey you can stay safer on the roads by taking your time and slowly down to avoid aquaplaning.

Turning your headlights on can help you see more clearly as well as make you more visible to other drivers.

It’s also wise to give other cars more space as stopping suddenly on a wet road can take longer than a dry road.

The Scrappers see more bumped cars in wetter weather. Drivers can sometimes overlook the need to be extra cautious and shunts happen.

If the damage is repairable off the