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Farewell four-wheeled friend

Bidding farewell to a vehicle that is past it’s sell by date can be really emotional. 

To throw good money after bad is insane but when you find it hard to let go of a car or van you’ve had for years sometimes people will stop at almost nothing to keep that motor on the road.

But there comes a poi [...]

Due to Covid-19, unless you’re living in the same household, car sharing isn’t being recommended right now. blank

This will come as a blow for the majority of people who want to be as green as possible. It means green-thinking motorists are having to take a step backwards and revert back to being in their own vehicle. No doubt they will be feeling disappointed right now.

Over the past few years there has been a major shift towards being as environmentally aware as possible as a driver.

Electric cars – which even have their own official recognised date now; September 9 – are being championed more than ever. And there’s the suggestion that all new vehicles in the UK should be fuel-free in 15 years.

This is all promising news in giving a greener world the