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How to sell a car


If you were to ‘traditionally’ sell a car here’s, the advice you’d be given.

Step 1: Prepare your car, van, bus, truck or whatever you’re selling.

For this you’d be expected to wash, dry and polish the outside.

Add hub caps to the wheels if any are missing.

Wash, dry and polish the interior for that sparkling effect.

Oh and while you’re at it, check the gears 🤯

Step 2: Master the art of negotiation so you can negotiate to get the deal that works for you.

This is where haggling skills come into play. And it’s generally advised to price the car or van you want to sell a smidgen higher than you expect to get. Then when offered slightly less, you should have reached the price you realistically expected.

Step 3: Park your car where it’ll be seen.

Parking the vehicle you want to sell somewhere it’ll get a lot of views