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Scrap My Car Anywhere In Manchester

The North West's number one scrapyard

Now here’s a result…

Football didn’t come home but we can come home to you.  That’s right, we offer free car collection so you can feel like a winner too! 

If you’re wondering “where can I scrap my car Manchester today?” then look no further. 

The Scrappers are the North West’s number one scrapyard and we need cars. Best prices paid!

Our fabulous grabbing and ripping machine, Gloria, can’t wait to shred up the metal so it can be recycled. 

The Scrappers often buy in cars  where certain parts come in useful. We recycle those bit because why would anyone want to waste components that still work really well. So when you scrap a car with The Scrappers, your vehicle does’t just end up on top of the scrap heap.

We also buy scrap vans, so