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What can I do with my old van?

https://thescrappersltd.blogspot.com/2020/06/sell-my-van.html Give these mugs a shot! Here’s your chance to have a brew with Britain’s best known scrapyard and raise money for a good cause in the process. Bolton breakers yard, The Scrappers in Waterloo Street, have launched a range of caricature mugs which they are selling to the public to raise money for Bolton Royal’s Intensive Baby Care Unit. The team at the vehicle salvage yard hope the sales will raise £1,000.00 for the critical care unit which caters for sick and premature babies in the region. Each member of the busy scrap yard, which six years ago shot to fame in BBC1’s reality series The Scrappers, has had their ‘mug’ put on a mug for the worthy mission. Yard owner Terry Walker explained why he holds the unit so close to his heart: “My daughter Cathy Lee was born at 1lb, 9oz, doctors told