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We are not sugarcoating today’s post, in fact we’re being brutally honest here…

Sometimes the scrap industry can fill you with raw emotion.

Sometimes people aren’t just selling their car or scrapping it because it’s seen far better days. 

Sometimes it’s for the plain stark reason they need the money.

We have, over time, had people who come to us and said, “I need to scrap my car” and it’s because they’ve needed the money desperately. 

That car, for some, has been their home. They’ve literally lived in their vehicle.

Sadly it happens; people live in their cars and they have to part company with their motor for the money. 

They end up leaving all their worldly goods in their vehicles sometimes too, things like clothes and blankets. 

We do pay them the best price for a scrap car and then you watch them go off into the big wide world with only the