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What exactly does a car engine do?

Understanding Engines

Used Engine being fitted by a professional engine fitterWith over 30 years of expertise in supplying top-notch used vehicle engines to both trade and personal buyers, The Scrappers frequently encounters common queries, such as “What exactly does a car engine do?”

While we stand as one of the leading providers of quality used engines nationwide, catering to a vast array of vehicle makes and models, it’s key to understand that replacing your vehicle’s engine requires a compatible replacement.

By opting for replacement engines online, whether diesel or petrol, significant savings can be achieved compared to purchasing a brand-new engine for your car or van.

Nevertheless, for those unfamiliar with why swapping in a more potent engine isn’t straightforward, grasping th [...]

How can I sell my used engine?


Take a look at this massive pile of engines – there’s no vroom anymore!

Engines are beautiful

They’ve been stripped of parts that can get other engines purring again and what’s left will be recycled. 

There are so many engine components  – here’s just a few and what they do!

Engine block – The block is the main part, the main body of the engine. Every other part of the engine is bolted on to it. Engines are where the combustion happens. 

Pistons – The pistons pump up and pump down while the spark plugs are firing away. All this energy is what gets the tyres spinning via the drive shaft. 

Cylinder head – You’ll find the cylinder head attached to the top of the block which ensures there’s no loss of gasses. The cylinder is where the spark plugs, valves and other parts