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The school run, a joy for many – a nightmare for many more!

Parking, traffic jams, rushing to get the kids in class on time all play their role in adding pressure to this morning event!

After so many months of not having to do the school run due to the pandemic, this week and next week parents across the UK will be back in the driving seat or the school run again.

And before we know it winter will be drawing in and the dark nights that come with it will too.

The dark mornings won’t be far off also.

Don’t forget to be extra vigilant and look out for kids crossing as pupils return to the classroom.

You may be preparing to do the school run again, checking your vehicle is in good order – something many parents haven’t done

Night time driving – often our collection agents will be out and about at all hours collecting vehicles. blank

And for them, being behind the wheel when it’s dark isn’t a problem.

But a lot of motorists tend to avoid driving at night if they can, with poorer visibility being one of the main reasons.

So today we thought we’d run a few tips to make driving at night easier:

Keep headlights, signal lights & back lights clean, visibility will be far worse when your lamps are filthy.

Keep all your car windows clean so you can see out of them.

Ensure your dash lights are on a low setting so you’re not disrupting your view outside of the car.

Bring your speed down and keep your distance from the vehicle in front.

Make sure you’re not using full beams when you see oncoming traffic so