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Where can I sell my classic car?

Keep Classics Alive
A couple of weeks ago this little beauty came into our yard – an MG Midget.  She had certainly seen better days and years standing on a driveway had taken their toll on the little trooper turning her into a rust bucket. But the good news is she’s been saved!! The 1966 classic car has been snapped up by a buyer down south who plans to restore this beautiful sports car to her to her former glory. He’s also taken the pal she met in the yard… a millennium Mini! It’s nice to see the new motor mates go off together! Eventually little Midget will go on to be a dream car for someone.. as will her Mini mate. But begs the question, if you could have any care what would it be? Would it be a car like these two? Or would you opt for something

blankscrap a car bolton

Extra cash is always a bonus, but with the festive season fast approaching, additional dosh is especially welcome.
One quick route to fattening your wad is to scrap your old car. Bolton Scrap Car Collections can get you a great deal on your old motor, beefing up your wallet with total peace of mind, knowing you’ve scrapped your car to government standards.

blankBolton Scrap Car Collections is all about recycling. It’s doing your bit for the environment.  The parts that are still in good working order can be used in other cars; what's left is crushed into scrap and gets a new lease of life in industry.Now if you’re thinking: ‘I’ve got a car I could tell Bolton Scrap Car Collections about, but it’s a bit dented, the bodywork’s seen better days, I’m not sure they&rsq [...]