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Get the best scrap price for your van

If your van has reached the end of the road and you are looking to scrap it for cash, then this article will help explain what to do.

There’s no doubt there are lots of scrappage firms for vans available and you could spend a long time trying to find the best price.

Alternatively, you may be looking to find a private buyer and then spend a long time trawling the market in the search for a competitive price.

So, if your van is one of the following:

  • An MOT failure
  • At the end of its life
  • Suffers with engine failure
  • Severe accident damage
  • Gearbox damage
  • Or you just want to sell your van

Then the simple answer is to contact us and we’ll give you the best possible price.

Simply scrap your van for cash

Also, many van owners will be looking to sell it for parts but the easiest way is