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How to sell a car fast in Manchester


As the world battles coronavirus and closer to home local lockdowns and partial lockdowns limit our capacity to move about as much – deliveries and mail orders are soaring in popularity.

And it’s no surprise that has been the case with The Scrappers and their online used car parts sales.

Why go out and hunt a part down when it can be done in the comfort of your home?

With the colder weather, dark mornings and dark nig [...]

During the 35 years we’ve been in the local scrap yards business, we’ve unearthed some mighty interesting finds. But one that sticks to mind from a few years ago was a fluffy little black kitten hiding under the bonnet of an old banger in our Bolton scrap yard. Luckily the cute fluff-ball was in good shape, healthy and bright eyed too and we eventually managed to reunite her with her owner. She had travelled all the way from Oldham to our scrap yard in Bolton, a good 20 mile journey for the little lass.

We searched frantically on facebook and finally found the kitten’s family, it must have escaped at some stage and found its way into the vehicle that was for scrapping and was being collected to bring to our car breakers yard in Bolton.

blank What’s new pussycat?! We