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Where is a breakers yard near me?

 Why do you have to be a car breaker? 💔

Today we thought we’d have a bit of musical fun – all in the name of car breaking.

You probably know the drill by now, we buy cars, vans, trucks, bikes.

Some cars are sold on, others have pretty much had it as soon as they come in the yard and meet their maker – Gloria our grabber.

But most are broken down for parts that are used in other cars and the rest is then fed to Gloria.

So today, we thought we’d list some of the great heart-break love ballads with a twist. In fact these are more car-break love ballads.

See if any of the following are on your playlist!

Why do you have to be a car breaker (Dionne Warwirck) 

My Achy Breaky Car – Billy Ray Cyrus 

Don’t Leak (No Doubt) 

Unbreak My Car (Toni Braxton) 

Where do broken parts go (Whitney Houston)

End of the Road (Boyz to

Where is best scrap yard near me?



We’ve been out and around the northwest collecting cars and vans for scrap and parts – even gloomy weather won’t dampen our spirits. 

In the scrap business you get used to all weathers nothing ever puts our collection agents off. 

In rain, sleet, snow, blizzards or baking hot sunshine we will still be picking up cars for scrapping travelling far and wide as we cover the whole nation as well as Bolton and the northwest.

If your car isn’t running well, if it’s costing too much to repair, or it’s an insurance write-off, failed it’s MOT or you’ve just come to the end of the road with your vehicle – then ring us on 01204 388 488 and we can give you a vehicle valuation in minutes. 

Alternatively visit our website and get the true valuation of your vehicle – not just it’s scrap worth.

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