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Scrap cars and coronavirus

Open but social distancing



The Scrappers are open for business as usual in our Bolton scrap yard – but with social distancing measures in place to keep everyone safe.

So if you’re like many motorists urgently requiring certain used car parts in Bolton, you can come to our yard and get that all important quality used gearbox or quality used engine, any quality used car part you need.

You could be a key worker requiring a replacement engine, say. 

That’s why we are proud of our fast turnout around vehicle parts service.You haven’t time to be waiting around, time is of the essence to you.

Say for example this is your dilemma, “I am in urgent need of a reconditioned engine supplied fitted near me”, then let The Scrappers assist.

We will keep you on the road with our quality used engines in Bolton and further afield. 

Our aim is to keep everyone on the road