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Who takes scrap cars in Bolton?

Scrap a car in Bolton

IS today the day to scrap a car in Bolton?

Have you decided enough is enough and it’s time to get rid?

Do you know who takes scrap cars in Bolton?

Well unless you’ve been living under a rock – it’s The Scrappers of course!

We pay the best prices for scrap cars in the Northwest.

And our team is waiting to hear from you.

Simply pick up the phone and call 01204 388488 if you want to scrap a car today Bolton way.

Our rates are competitive and our service is friendly and efficient. We can come and collect your vehicle and sort that paperwork out for you too. 


After all, who needs stress in their lives anymore? Just look at what we’ve all been through these past couple of years.

And if you are nervous about Covid, our drivers will put you at ease. You can

Sell any car in Bolton

Scrap A Car Bolton

Who you gonna call? The Scrappers!!

Weekends are usually when many families like to go on walks, visit garden centres or go car shopping!! 

There’s nothing quite like a stroll through a second hand car lot to see what’s about. Did you know The Scrappers have a wide selection of cars for sale?

Some real bobby dazzler deals in fact. That’s because they know a vehicle inside out, after all they’ve broken a fair few! So their knowledge means you could drive out with a top bargain motor.

In return you could scrap your old vehicle or if it’s a runner simply sell it on and go for something new. After all, a change is as good as a rest. Whether it’s a car, a van a 4×4, or even a motorcycle, The Scrappers will take your vehicle and pay the best price going. So if you have been

How can I sell my car Bolton?

Something Like A PhenomeVAN
Have you ever noticed that crazy phenomenon when you get a new car or van how you then see the same vehicle everywhere?!

It’s got to be something to do with a thought process that gets imprinted into the mind and then becomes a very active part of our consciousness!

Pile high club It’s the same when something starts to go wrong with a vehicle. All of a sudden you start noticing everything going wrong with it! And then you see adverts or stories in the press about new vehicle, vehicle parts or getting rid of your vehicle. In fact, it’s probably what led you here too! To this very blog brought to you by The Scrappers!! Or could it be that you’re simply done with your current car and there are so many faults that it’ll cost a fortune to fix. Or you