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There’s no bigger buzz in the scrap industry than picking up cars and vans for scrap and parts – it’s what we are best at.

And the lovely thing is we meet some fantastic people along the way.

We hear some really moving stories about why it was finally time for them to part with their car or van or truck or bike.

And of course, bidding farewell to that vehicle can be a really emotional time for anyone.

Tha [...]

Where are second hand engines for sale?

Mercedes Engines For Sale

The wheel – man’s greatest invention. Cars owe a lot to wheels and would be pretty useless without them!

The Scrappers team loves wheels too – tyres and alloys have them in a giddy spin.

That’s why they have just launched sister company All Tyred Up – for all your tyre needs under one roof.

If you think it’s time for replacement tyres in Bolton or further afield then All Tyred Up are the crew to sort all your tyre issues.

blank Ring 01204567666 for rings!

But there are also maintenance measures as motorists that you can do.

So today, thanks to the All Tyred Up team, we are going to run through a few simple pointers to keep you on track!

Here are the arts of basic tyre maintenance:

Check your tyre pressure

Tyres naturally lose between 1 and 2 PSI per month. PSI means pound-force