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Sell My Classic Car For Cash

It's Not Over For This Rover

The Scrappers isn’t solely a scrapyard, we’re a salvage yard too. This means that whenever we can save a vehicle, we damn right well will!

Take classic cars, for example, that have been left to deteriorate over the years. You’d be surprised how often we get wrecks coming on. Barn-yard finds, neglected-on-the-driveway finds, cooped-up-in-a-garage-for-years finds. You name it, we’ve found it.

If we at The Scrappers ever do come across an oldies goldies gem we ensure that it gets the restoration it deserves. Sometimes we undertake the work ourselves as there is nothing more rewarding than restoring a car back to it’s former glory. Other times it’ll go off to a particular classic car restorer who focuses specifically on restoring certain makes and models. 

This 1980’s Rover 800, for example, came into us after giving up the ghost long ago and is now on its way to a chap in Bury. It’ll get an